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The Crown Harriston, build in 1949 and with many original features, has 226 seats and phenomenal acoustics. Available for space rentals for private and public events. We also host art exhibitions and monthly events
August 10th Street Party in Harriston

This year celebrating 70 years! Cultural Centre The Crown Harriston is the umbrella organisation that supports small businesses and entertainment. Offering space for a wide range of possibilities, such as films, birthday party rentals, music, exhibitions, gaming, lectures and other events. Drop in and we'll be happy to give you a tour and tell you about our options.

The Crown Harriston, built in 1949 as a cinema, closed it's doors in the late 70's to become a church and is now reopend again as a Cultural Centre. Equipped with a new hi-tech projector and surroundsystem, the building still maintains many original features. The auditorium has a filmscreen, a 16 by 24 feet stage with overhead lights and has a capacity of 211 authentic seats.

Looking for something to do? Are you an artist and looking for a venue for rehearsals, performance or to display your arts? Or are you looking for a fun place to hold an event or party? We provide a wide range of services and our mission is to provide the best solution that suits everyone. 

Saturday Night at the Movies

August 3rd 2019 7:00 pm - adm. $6.00

Double Feature

Sultry Summernights only get better when there is romance in the air! Join us on our romantic Double Feature with these two amazing classics.

gallery/an affair to remember
Minto is Proud to be full of Pride and it Shows!

Playing at the Harriston Street Party 2019 at 3:30 pm: The NeverEnding Story.


Ignite your imagination with this classic quest to delight and inspire the whole family. A magical journey about the power of a young boy's imagination to save a dying fantasy land, The NeverEnding Story remains a much-loved kids adventure.