Lethal Comedy Tour @ The Crown Harriston | Harriston, ON

Harriston! Let's break the monotony and come out for a night of action-packed comedy. Catch rising stars Abbas Wahab and Jordan Policicchio at The Crown Harriston!

3/6/20242 min read

Are you ready to break the monotony and have a night filled with laughter and entertainment?
Then mark your calendars for an action-packed comedy night at The Crown Harriston!
Get ready to witness the comedic brilliance of rising stars Abbas Wahab and Jordan Policicchio.

Abbas Wahab, a Canadian comedian and actor, is set to take the stage and leave you in stitches. With his impressive resume and undeniable talent, Wahab has made a name for himself in the comedy world.
He has graced the stages of renowned festivals such as Just For Laughs, Winnipeg Comedy, and Edinburgh Fringe. He's also a regular on CBC The Debaters, showcasing his wit and humour to a broad audience. But Wahab's talent extends beyond the comedy stage. He has appeared in popular TV shows like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Boys, What We Do In The Shadows, and The Handmaid's Tale. His versatility as an actor shines through in each role he takes on, captivating audiences with his comedic timing and charisma. Aside from his on-screen success, Wahab is also the creator and host of The Immigrant Section Podcast. This weekly comedy show is a platform for Canada's rising talents to showcase their comedic skills and share their unique perspectives. With over 80k followers on Instagram and 200k on TikTok, Wahab has built a loyal online following that eagerly anticipates his hilarious content.

Jordan Policicchio is one of Canada's fastest-rising talents. In a few short years, he's opened for Che Durena at New York Comedy Club and been part of the Just For Laughs 42 festival. He's also a regular Yuk Yuks and recently made part of their rising stars roster. His lightning-quick wit and dry delivery make him obnoxiously relatable and extremely fun to watch.

Prepare yourself for a night filled with laughter as Abbas Wahab and Jordan Policicchio take the stage at The Crown Harriston. His comedic prowess and infectious energy will leave you wanting more. Don't miss this opportunity to witness a rising star in Canadian comedy. Grab your friends, get your tickets, and get ready for a night you won't forget!


Doors at 7:30 PM | Show at 8:00 PM

Please arrive no later than 7:45 PM

Tickets HERE available.